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For general information and enquiries about Local Lynx please contact the Editor via
For enquiries about advertising in Local Lynx, please contact Maxine Burlingham
Tel: 01328 830375  email:
For information about submitting items for publication, or if you want to help in any other way, please contact your village representative, below.

Bale:  Jane Wheeler  Tel. 01328 878656  email:
Binham:  Liz Brady  Tel. 01328 830830  email:
Cockthorpe:  Maurice Matthews Tel. 01328 830350  email:
Field Dalling:  Julie Wiltshire  email:
Gunthorpe:  John Blakeley  Tel. 01263 861008  email:
Langham:  Christina Cooper  Tel. 01328 830207  email:
Morston:  Joc Wingfield  Tel. 01263 740431  email:
Saxlingham:  John Pridham  Tel. 01328 831851  email:
Sharrington: Claire Dubbins  Tel. 01263 862261  email:
Stiffkey:  Dr Sally Vanson  Tel. 01328 830560  email:
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